Friday, January 28, 2011

How To Help Your Child Lose Weight

According to the Center for Disease Control, childhood obesity has more than tripled in the last 30 years. Kids today are developing Type II diabetes (formally called adult-onset diabetes), high blood pressure, and other cardiovascular related diseases. We should all be alarmed about this.

I would venture to say you had one or two 'husky' classmates when you were growing up. I don't think that's the case in the average classroom today. And this problem is only getting worse.

A new study published in Pediatrics sheds light on helping prepubescent children lose weight. The outcome was no surprise to me. I'm curious if it is to you.

The study took a group of parents and put them through a healthy lifestyle course, or a healthy lifestyle course coupled with a parenting course.

They found that children lost weight in both groups. But what was interesting was there was no significant difference among weight loss with the group receiving both courses vs. the healthy lifestyle-only group.

This means that if you only adjusted your lifestyle and ignored any parenting changes, your child would drop weight.

Does that surprise you? Like I said, it didn't surprise me.

Because that's how kids learn.

Through modeling.

Your eating and exercising habits WILL rub off on your kids. My Mom and Dad's attention and dedication to a healthy diet and their own exercise program rubbed off not just on me, but my three siblings too.

It reminds me of the funny but true anti-drug commercial from the 80's. Remember, the dad asks his son, "Who taught you how to do this stuff?" The kid responds in defense, "You alright! I learned it by watching you!"

Parents who use drugs, have children that use drugs. Parents who don't exercise and eat right, have children that don't exercise and eat right.

Take a good look at yourself and your lifestyle. Are you a good, healthy role model for your child? If your child is overweight or has a bad diet, this question is even more important to ask.

Help yourself first. Become a healthy role model for your child. And you can bet they'll follow you and live a healthy lifestyle.

If you'd like help changing your lifestyle, and thus changing your family's lifestyle please reach out to me. I'm here to help. I hope you do.

To you and your family's health,

Tim Chudy

P.S. If you know you need to do something, but aren't sure what, request our info-pack. Your progress starts with one step. And this can be your first.

P.P.S. My blog post the other week was spot on the minds of more than a few people after a freind passed me an article in the NY Times: Full Service Gyms Feel a Bit Flabby. There ARE reasons why gyms DON'T work for the majority of the population (at least 85% by some surveys). The article also mentions a lady's 50lb weight loss using a personal trainer. There ARE reasons why our personal training system DOES work. It has been proven time and time again.

Monday, January 24, 2011

A Sad Passing In The Fitness Family

There was a sad passing in the fitness world
yesterday. Jack LaLanne passed away at 96 years of

Jack was a fitness icon introducing fitness to men
and women long before it was considered cool.

Jack influenced the lives of thousands. He was a
walking example of health. He taught the benefits
of fitness and nutrition throughout one's life and
even joked a few years back, "I can't afford to
die. It would wreck my image."

With all the fitness advice that's available
today, including my own, I think Jack sums it up

"The only way you can hurt the body is not use
LaLanne said. "Inactivity is the killer and,
remember, it's never too late."
Jack's contribution to the health and fitness
industry will likely never be matched. He was the
ultimate trailblazer. And he not only talked the
talk, but he walked the walk.

When he turned 43 in 1957, he performed more than
1,000 push-ups in 23 minutes. At 60, he swam from
Alcatraz Island to Fisherman's Wharf in San
Francisco, handcuffed, shackled and towing a boat.
Ten years later, he performed a similar feat in
Long Beach harbor.

The guy was a health and fitness stud. And he'll
be missed.

Rest in peace Jack.

Tim Chudy

Monday, January 10, 2011

10 Dirty Secrets Your Fitness Club Doesn't Want You To Know

I was talking with a friend the other day and she
asked me whether she should join a gym, buy a
treadmill, or hire a trainer. I hear this question
a lot. Especially around the new year.

But what do you think my answer is going to be? Hire a
trainer of course! ;-)

But a trainer isn't for everyone. I certainly know
that. But neither is a gym. So I gave my friend a
report I wrote a couple years back called, "10
Dirty Secrets Your Fitness Club Doesn't Want You

I want to give you a free New Year's gift to you
too! You can download it by clicking here.

There's a lot you should be aware of at big box
gyms. And you won't be told any of this info by
the guy or gal that signs you up for a membership.
Having been in the industry for over 10 years and
worked in big fitness clubs I discovered these
secrets. And you can learn them all in this report.

Furthermore, it helps to think about what joining
a gym really is. It's simply a place to
workout. A membership gives you access to equipment,
a pool, weird stares and more. It is NOT a solution.
Don't expect to get a support system, accountability, personal
attention from people that know you and your name,
and many, many other components for weight loss
and fitness success.

Of course the important thing is that you're doing
something to improve your health and fitness. It's
just always smart to make sure that something
actually works.

You can download the free report by clicking on
this link. No name or email is required.

To your health and fitness success,

Tim Chudy

P.S. I realize you may have already joined a gym
by now. If so, this report is even more important
for you to read. And if you still need to start something,
download our info-pack after you've read through this
report. Then you'll be ready to make an informed decision.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

One More Thing To Making Your Resolutions STICK

Oops! I forgot to mention something.

My earlier post gave you 6 tips to making your New Year's Resolutions STICK. I'm assuming you made at least one resolution. But probably more. These 6 tips are applicable to any area of your life; health and fitness, finances, diet, career, and many others.

But I forgot to mention one BIG thing.

And it's important.

What is it?

Excuses. You must drop ALL your excuses.

Excuses keep your life stagnant. Nothing postivie comes from excuses. As a personal trainer I've heard them all. Some so bad they're on the same level as 'My dog ate my homework.'

When you drop your excuses, you are really giving yourself permission to change. Because let's face it, change doesn't come easy. We'll avoid change til we're blue in the face. But when you make a decision to change, drop your excuses, and take action, you really tap into your true potential. And YOU WILL SUCCEED.

Drop your excuses. Make a change.

Make it a great year,

Tim Chudy