Tuesday, July 24, 2012

An Awesome Weight Loss Strategy You Have Access To Right Now (But Don't Even Know It!)

I want to share an awesome weight loss strategy with you today. You can use it immediately since you already have access to it.

This isn't a workout strategy or something to add or subtract from your diet.

What is this weight loss strategy I'm talking about?

It's social pressure. Specifically social-networking pressure.

I learned a few years ago that when you stretch yourself, in any area of your life, you'll grow farther and faster than if you hadn't.

Basically, when you put yourself on the line, you will respond.

Let me give you a real life example...

Pam started training with us a few weeks ago. She announced to her social network that she was embarking on a weight loss and fitness journey. (#1)

She came busting out of the gates and lost 8 pounds in her first week! She was religious with her program. She told her network how well she was doing and received a lot of positive reinforcement. (#2)

Then Pam hit a speed bump. She had some issues with her eyes and couldn't train for two weeks. Talk about taking the wind out of your sail. So instead of charging forward, she took a couple steps back. And again, let her network know. (#3)

Here's the power in this...

#1 is making a public announcement. This allows you to feel the social pressure to do what you say you're going to do. There's no accountability in keeping it to yourself. It's much easier to tell yourself you failed, harder to tell others.

#2 is receiving positive reinforcement. Everyone loves to hear what a great job they've done. That reinforces the behavior changes you've made and you continue to take action toward your goals.

#3 is negative reinforcement. When you've made a public announcement and then told people of your mess up, they'll let you know how they feel. Depending on your friends, they'll hold your feet to the fire and really let you have it or they'll gently re-encourage you. Either way, it's motivation to refocus yourself.

The bottom line... social pressure solidifies your commitment to change and opens the door for support from those around you. And social networking sites like Facebook make this easier than ever.

Pam is back on track and lost 5 pounds last week. The posts on her wall are very encouraging. And I'm confident they'll continue to be.

But the fact that she made her goals public has dramatically increased her success rate. Great work Pam!

Now go post something to the public and achieve your goals.

To your success,

Tim Chudy
Fitness Together

P.S. Did you know we're on Facebook?! And we have a goal of 200 likes by the end of August. (See, I just made it public.) Can you help us? Please "Like" us now. And suggest us to your friends and family. We really appreciate your help.

P.P.S. The FT 'Beat Your Best' Challenge starts this week. Get in the Olympic spirit and take part in the challenge. Details here or call us at the studio to register.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

4 Tips To Beat The HOT Summer Heat

It's gonna get to the triple digits again today and tomorrow. The dog days of summer continue...sigh

As the heat wave continues to roll through, exercising (especially outdoors) can be quite challenging. When the barometer spikes into the 90 degree range and beyond, it is a natural tendency to sideline your exercise routine and replace it with more cooling activities, i.e. lounging at the pool, shopping at the mall or watching movies with the AC set low.

According to the CDC heat related illness accounts for 700 deaths per year and is the nation's #1 weather related killer. That's more than hurricanes, tornadoes, or freak tsunamis. The Madison, WI marathon was canceled at the end of May this year due to heat. It was projected only 1% of the runners would have finished had they gone through with the race. That's serious.

So to keep your summer exercise routine in full swing when temperatures rise and to get more out of your summer workouts, stick to these 4 high heat workout tips.

1. Hydrate More
Water should be one of the most important aspects of your workout year round, but in the hot summer months, hydrating properly is essential. The key to hydrating properly in the summer is to consistently drink water throughout the day to maintain your hydration level before, during and after your workouts. If you're endurance training consider using an electrolyte performance drink which rehydrates and replenishes better than water (see next tip).

2. Fuel More
As temperatures rise, it’s important to fuel your body with whole, nutrient-rich foods to support your active lifestyle. Hotter temperatures can increase your body’s exertion and sweat production and deplete nutrient  levels during exercise. Replenishment is a must to fuel your current and future workouts.

Fresh fruits such as berries, apples, bananas and oranges not only fuel your body with water nutrients, but they also are packed with antioxidants for optimizing muscle function and repair. In addition to ensuring the appropriate ratio of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, fibers, vitamins and minerals in your diet, its also important to keep an eye on your sodium and electrolyte levels during hot summer temperatures. These two elements can quickly become depleted during heat-intense and high endurance workouts.

3. Recover More
Recovery is essential for your mind and body to get stronger, faster, leaner and more physically fit. The more intense your workouts (effort, heat, duration), the more important it is to recover. To complement heat-intense summer workouts, take time to focus on proper recovery by cooldown combined with stretching, post-workout nutrition, and proper sleep to boost your energy and performance levels.

4. Workout Indoors More
With longer days, more sunlight and warmer conditions, summer can be the season to take your workouts and fitness training outside. In the heat of the summer when temperatures reach record breaking levels, it may be more appropriate to bring your workouts back indoors.

If you are training for an endurance event like a triathlon or running race, consider breaking up your workouts between indoor and outdoor activities to maximize your training results safely.

Or, if you are unable to get outside early enough before the temperatures start to spike join us for a group fitness training session or one-on-one personal training session to complement your summer outdoor activities. We keep it at a cool 69 degrees at FT!

By sticking to these 4 tips you won't have to put your fitness routine on hold when it hits 100.

Train hard and stay cool,

Tim Chudy
Fitness Together

P.S. Our Beat Your Best Competition starts in honor of the Summer Olympics. 8 Challenges in 8 Weeks. Do you have what it takes to bring home the gold? More info at our website.