Friday, April 20, 2012

Weight Loss: The Funny and Ridiculous ;-)

Happy Friday!

I'm going to keep it light today with 2 weight loss categories.

The Funny:

You'll notice the pictures below. All of them are advertisements for weight loss or fitness centers. All of them are pretty darn funny! And guaranteed to catch your attention wouldn't you say?

The Ridiculous:

This one is so ridiculous that it's almost funny. (Ok, it's not almost funny, it is funny.)

The newest weight loss fad to hit the marketplace is the K-E Diet. If you're tuned into the news it probably caught your attention.

The K-E Diet, also known as the feeding tube diet, is helping brides shed pounds right before the big day. You can lose up to 15 pounds in just 10 days following this doctor administered diet. And it really doesn't take much effort. The main complaint from those on it is explaining why a tube is running up your nose!


Can you imagine trying to hold a (serious) conversation with someone that has a tube running up their nose and clipped to an IV bag on their hip? Sheesh.

I can't imagine what's next. Maybe something with aliens.

Hope this made you smile today. Have a great weekend!

Tim Chudy
Fitness Together

Thursday, April 12, 2012

ONE Sentence That Can Change Your Diet

A friend of mine was visiting over the weekend and
we were hanging out with my new baby daughter Estelle. His eyes wandered over to my bookcase and he walked over and picked out a book from the bottom shelf.

"Every time I take a bite of food I think of a
sentence I read in this book."

Very curious, I asked which sentence.

As he thumbed through the book to find the exact sentence he said, "I don't always follow it, but seriously, every time I take a bite of food this goes through my mind."

Now I'm thinking this has got to be the most profound nutritional sentence ever!

"I got it, here it is."

"Within a year, virtually every cell which makes up your body right now will be gone."

Are you serious? You think about THAT every time you eat? Why?

"Well, it goes on."

"...your entire body is "re-created" every year. Out with the old, in with the new. Your skin, your muscles, even your organs are constantly degenerating and regenerating. It's going on right now."

It goes on...

"Now, what do you think your body uses to re-create itself? Where does it get the raw materials to construct new skin cells, brain cells, muscle cells, bone cells, new blood, and even a new heart?"

"If you guessed food, you're right. You see, in a very literal way, that old saying "You are what you eat" is true."

Ok. I can see how you think about that when you eat.

As I kept thinking about it, it made a lot of really good sense.

Think about it... if you knew you had to re-create your heart with the food you ate, wouldn't you think twice before eating a double cheeseburger and fries? Don't you think you'd be actively seeking out healthy food?

Of course you would! We all would be going for good wholesome nutritious food.

The beauty of it is that we have a choice. We have the choice to eat for life or eat for death. It sounds a little gruesome, but it's the truth.

Whether you've maintained a bad diet for 10 years or 10 days you can change it anytime at will. It's never too late to choose change.

If you're ready to change your ways and start re-creating a healthy, vibrant body call the studio to set up your nutrition analysis. Discover what you're doing - right and wrong, what to change, and how to change it. Call us at 314.909.9565.


Tim Chudy

P.S. That sentence is from the now infamous book Body For Life by Bill Phillips. Do you have a profound nutrition sentence that sticks out in your mind? Please take just a second and share it with others in the comment section below.