Tuesday, June 14, 2011

How To Lose Weight

If I asked you how to lose weight, how would you

I know you could come up with something. Atkins
diet, take the stairs everyday, cut out soda.
Maybe you'd even suggest starving yourself!

All of those answers are potentially right. But if
it's an easy question to answer, why is the
majority of our country still overweight? And why
do we still struggle to find lasting, permanent

These are good questions. And ones you should ask
yourself if you're trying to lose weight.

Just a few days ago Good Morning America reported
how a woman lost 300 pounds. Certainly no small
feat. You can see the 3 1/2 minute video here.

Wanna guess how she did it?

It wasn't the HCG diet. It wasn't with surgery or
a gimmicky infomercial product. And it definitely
wasn't by starving herself.

She lost 300 pounds by eating better and
execising. She exercises 7 days a week; 3 days with her trainer and 4
days of cardio. She eats 3 meals with snacks.

When asked what her secret was she had this to
say: "There is no magic bullet. It's hard work. It
is simple sweat equity."

Well said Shannon.

I'll never say you can't lose weight using the HCG
diet or having bypass surgery. You can.

But if you want true lasting and permanent weight
loss and fitness results then changing your diet
and exercise is THE ONLY way. Not too mention
feeling better, stronger, fitter, more alive day
in and day out. Because losing weight and feeling
like crap isn't fun. And surgery and pill-popping
won't help that.


There will be a percentage of peole who make
excuses why they can't do what this woman did. Her
situation is different. She had more weight to
lose which makes it easier. She doesn't have 3
kids and a full time job like me.
And the list
goes on.

I hope you're not in that percentage of excuse

Realize this... until you stop making excuses
for yourself, you will NEVER permanently lose
weight. You must exercise and eat right. And that
means you must find reasons to do so. NOT excuses
not to.

A good little exercise would be to make a list of
those reasons and post them where you can see them
daily. Then list out your excuses and tear them up
or burn them. This little action will liberate you
from those excuses and contribute to your future
weight loss success.

If you need help with your fitness and nutrition
program we're here for you. All you have to do is

Good luck!

To your weight loss success,

Tim Chudy