Monday, September 24, 2012

How To Curb Nighttime Snacking

In this blog post you'll learn a simple strategy to curb nighttime snacking. But first, a question...

Did your Mom or Dad ever say - after your pleading for a curfew extension - "Nothing good happens after midnight. Be home by 12."

Mine did. And I never understood why they couldn't see it from my point of view. (Until I became a parent!:-)

For the most part, nothing good does happen after midnight. So here's the link to nighttime snacking.

During a nutrition consultation the other day I discovered one of our clients was struggling with nighttime snacking.

When she's up late, either working on her laptop or watching TV, she wanders into the kitchen. Sometimes she's hungry. Other times bored.  But she always ends up in either the fridge or the pantry.

Ever happen to you?

Well, just as you had a curfew for going out in high school, so too do you need one for eating.

Because for the most part, "Nothing good happens (in the kitchen) after 8 o'clock."

Once dinner is over, that should be it. Kitchen closed. Shut 'r down. That's all she wrote.

A few years back I bought some yellow CAUTION tape and gave it to a client telling her to literally close down the kitchen and string the tape across so no one can get by.

Sometimes it takes a little bit of ridiculousness to get a point across. But she did it. And you know what? It worked!

When dinner ends, make it official. Close the kitchen. For YOU and your family. Plus, wouldn't it be great to see your spouse's face when they see a padlock on the fridge!;-)

To your health and fitness,
Tim Chudy

P.S. This is a BIG benefit to you. But an even bigger benefit to your kids. Teaching them how to eat (when, where, etc...) is just as important, if not more, than what to eat. Time to close the kitchen.

P.P.S. Nighttime snacking is just one of the deadly sins of diet failure. There are more. Wanna find out how many you're committing and how to fix them? Let's talk.