Tuesday, December 11, 2012

SERIOUS Weight Loss Warning Released Today

A study released today contains a serious warning with it:

"Severe toxicity" to your internal organs.

Sounds terrible doesn't it

The study warned of kidney, liver, and other organ damage from
the most popular weight loss drugs on the market.

Orlistat, called Xenical in prescription and Alli in over-the-counter drugs, can cause "severe toxicity" of your internal organs.

A study funded by the National Institutes of Health worried respected pharmacologist, Bingfan Yan, enough to report the findings immediately to the FDA which approved the drug in 1999.

As if organ damage wasn't bad enough, they also found Orlistat's metabolic actions can reduce the effectiveness of many medications. They even reported cancer cells multiplied faster on the medication.

The FDA warned of liver toxicity for Xenical and Alli in 2010, but glossed over the seriousness of it.

This is another case on our continued search for a magic little pill. But this situation begs the question...

Is it worth it?

Believe you me, I know the importance of losing weight. I know what looking good and feeling good can do for you. I know what that can do for your mind, for your health, and your overall outlook on life.

I know it's important.

But at what cost?

Believe it or not, I realize that exercising and sticking to a diet is not easy or much fun. I realize that you have to sacrifice some of your time and pass on some really good foods. But the only side effects to diet and exercise are burning body fat, improving your health, and feeling good about yourself (among a myriad of others).

No liver toxicity. No internal bleeding. No complications with medications.

None of that.

But regardless of those facts, we will continue to search for that elusive, magic little pill. My hope is you end your search quickly and realize the only little pill that truly works is diet and exercise

To your health,

Tim Chudy
Fitness Together

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