Tuesday, February 7, 2012

"I want to burn calories and build muscle. Please help!"

Got this email from a lady "at her wits end":

I read your article in the January newsletter and
I’m really hoping that you can point me in the
right direction. I had lap band surgery in Dec
2009 with very little success. I originally lost
about 40lbs from my surgery to August of 2010. I
went from 293 down to 256 and hit a wall. Slowly
the weight started to return and my metabolism
slowed down drastically. I am now back up to 269
and at my wits end! I am very frustrated and
disappointed in myself. I honestly don’t know
where to start or how to get back on track.
My husband and I recently got a Y membership and
I’m excited about it, but I still don’t know where
to begin. I want to focus on burning the calories
and hopefully increasing muscle mass.

Could you please help me map out a plan to get
back on track??? Also, is it worth restarting some
sort of protein shake/supplement? I was on those
for a few months after my surgery and it seemed to
help, but now, I’m not so sure.

Thank you so much for listening and please respond
at your convenience.


My reply:


First, thanks for your question. Being at your
"wits end" sounds terrible and I'll do whatever I can to help. But it sounds like you're ready to move forward. And that's an important first step.

It sounds like after your surgery you failed to do
one major thing... change your behaviors.

You see, whether it's lap band, HCG, PX90, or any
other fix, you not only have to change your
attitudes, but your behaviors too.

No one has ever called me without good intent. The
intent is always there. But it's after your
intent when things fall short.

And likely why you've gained back most of your

If you do not establish new and permanent
behaviors you will slowly start to slide back. Part
of our successful 'secret sauce' here at Fitness Together
is accountability and support.

You cannot fail with your intent to lose weight
combined with our structured program,
accountability to that program, and the support
along the way.

Surgery, diets, fitness dvd's, and the worst of
all, home exercise equipment all fall short with
behavior modification.

===end email===

I can tell you with certainty that buying a
treadmill will NOT turn you into a runner. (But it
makes a great drying rack for your clothes!:-)

When you're looking to lose weight, get in shape,
feel better, or whatever your goal is, make sure
your solution will help change your behaviors
and then support you with those changes. You can
accomplish both here.

To your fitness and weight loss success,

Tim Chudy
Fitness Together