Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Mother's Biggest Problem (But this is not just for mom's)

I received an email from one of my mentors
last week. He was using the problem I'm
referring to in a different light. But
immediately I realized it's the biggest problem
mother's face. Here's what he said...

"Author and motivational/self actualization guru,
Larry Winget, has a book out that I recommend to
you. It's called "No Time For Tact." Great title.

In the book he shares 365 daily nuggets of wisdom.
It's good stuff. His July 2nd nugget says:

"I believe in selfishness. The best way for me to
serve others is to selfishly serve myself well.

When I take the time to feel good physically, I do
a better job. That requires some selfishness.

When I do what I want to do, I am better at it,
and the better I am at what I do, the better
others are served by what I do.

It is possible to give so much of yourself away
that you compromise the quality of what you have
to give."

Sean (his business partner) uses the airplane
oxygen mask analogy to describe this, and it's an
accurate way to think about it.

"If you're traveling with small children, put your
mask on first THEN help your children with

Because if you can't breathe, you can't help

VERY serious advice that cannot be overlooked for
long or you *will* pay the price."

I think he's spot on. But this is THE biggest and
most common problem I hear from mothers.

I firmly believe we'd be lost without our mothers.
They always put themselves on the bottom
of the totem pole and serve others first.

But it shouldn't be that way. And it doesn't have to be
either. I just finished meeting with Jennifer Janson. She
trained with us last year and came back in to get get

Jennifer runs her own 'company' of 6 at home. Plus
her husband. When she went on hiatus from FT, she
realized that going it alone and doing it on her own was
not realistic. Too much distraction. Too much room for
error. Too much time. She was better when she had
a disciplined and structured exercise routine. It was time
for her. No one else to think about. No one else to tend to.

FT helps leverage her health and fitness. And she
knows her family is better served because of it.

This is even more important with your health, your
fitness, and your weight loss. You will serve
others better (spouse, kids, friends, etc...) if
you serve yourself first.

How to be effectively "selfish":

Plug these into your calendar first:

- Your personal down time
- Your workouts
- Your nutrition
- Your sleep

And then be discplined about
honoring and protecting that time. Will it
be perfect? No. It never will be. But you
can certainly strive for it.

If you are married, have kids, work a lot of
hours, there are always others to tend to. It
takes discipline and commitment or your time can
soon fade away.

Gotta guard against that - at all costs.

To the Mom's out there,

Tim Chudy

P.S. If you think this is only applicable to mothers
you're sorely mistaken. Make sure you take time
for yourself, your health, your fitness, and watch
your care for others improve!

P.P.S. Would you like help being 'selfish'? Would you
like a way to leverage your health and fitness? See
how Jennifer does it by clicking here.