Thursday, August 26, 2010

Nutrition Quiz: What are the two most important times of day to eat?

Time to test your Nutrition IQ.

Give this some thought. When do you think your
body needs nourishment? What's the most important

If you can make sure you eat the right foods at
these two times, you'll greatly enhance your
bodies metabolic process which will help you burn more fat and have more energy.

Before I tell you the answer I want to tell you about a very interesting commercial I saw on TV the other day. It was a commercial for Kashi cereal.

Their entire angle to sell more boxes of cereal
was PROTEIN. "As much protein as an in a
An egg has 6g of protein, a serving of
Kashi has 9-13g.

To my knowledge, no company has ever made a
comparison for cereal like this before. And my
guess is it will work. But regardless, it's a smart thing to do.

Why? Because ALL cereals are a bowl of sugary crunch. Yes, Grape Nuts is a better option than Frosted Flakes. But you're still only getting
carbohydrates from both. And that's not a good way
to start your day. Kashi is clearly differentiating themselves from the rest of boxes in the aisle.

Notice Kashi didn't take a diet angle like Special
K or others. That's why I like it so much.
They are appealing to a smart consumer. Someone
that knows it's about exercise AND nutrition and not some 6 week crash diet. That type of strategy will create long-term, loyal Kashi fans.

So, the quiz question: What are the two most important times of the day to eat?

I just gave you a big hint with the Kashi commercial.

Breakfast and post-workout are the two most
important times to eat during the day.

Breakfast is where you 'break' the 'fast' your body goes through while you sleep. So an ample amount of carbs, PROTEIN, and a little fat is essential. A complete, balanced meal like that gets your metabolism revving and keeps you satiated longer.

After your workout is very important too. You've just depeleted your bodies energy stores and now your muscles are screaming for nutrients. The right nutrients will help you recover quicker. And this is why we recommend Physique to our clients.

So remember, pay close attention to what you eat for breakfast and what you nourish with post-workout. Doing so will increase your metabolism, burn more fat, and increase your energy!

To your health,

Tim Chudy
Fitness Together

P.S. If you didn't know the answer, maybe you need to increase your Nutrition IQ. Request a Nutrition Consultation with me to educate yourself and get on a plan that works.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

USA Today, Rush Limbaugh, and CBS News are all talking about this.

If you pay attention to the daily news headlines
your eyes or ears probably caught this story.

A recent poll taken by Nutrisystem asked what women and men would give up for weight loss and the results are quite telling. Some of the sacrifices people would make astonished me! Take a look at the chart to the right.

If you saw this in the news then you noticed
sacrificing sex for weight loss was the lead
headline. As they say, sex sells. But the survey
went beyond sacrificing your love life.

--Only 35% of Americans fall into the 'healthy
lifestyle' category on the index, by making
healthy food and portion choices and by exercising

--30% of Americans fall into the 'unhealthy
lifestyle' category and have dieted an average of
20 times in their life, using five different diet

--35% of Americans have dieted an average of six
times in their life, using two different diet

--Nearly 1/3 of Americans (29%) have tried dieting
over the past eleven months, and more than half of
Americans (51%) have dieted within the past two

Most of this does not shock me. According to
Consumer Reports, the diet industry has the
greatest amount of dissatisfaction than any other
industry they have researched.

Think about this for a second. Most people that go
on a diet will be unhappy. Yet they'll continue to
diet throughout their life.

Does that make any sense?! Not to me. But if a
diet doesn't work, I could see why one would
continue to search for a solution that does.

This survey also found that dieters have a hard
time with losing weight. Almost all dieters (93%)
find at least one aspect of their dieting plan to
be challenging. The majority (71%) said they are
not able to control cravings. And 64% found
portion size an obstacle to their success.

Dieting has become an uphill battle for Americans.
Dr. Bruce Daggy, a nutritional biochemist summed
it up well, "...many Americans are willing to make
extreme sacrifices to lose weight, but they
eventually give up on their goals because they
don’t know how to reach them."

So with this in mind I have 2 very simple
components for you to look for when you start a

1. Support and Accountability. If you know it's
going to be hard then why would you not have
support and accountability included in your

Don't go it alone! Get help. We're professionals
for a reason. When you have a toothache, you go to
the dentist. When you need a will, you call a
lawyer. Why not hire a professional for your

And as far as accountability goes, do yourself a
favor and don't ask a spouse, friend, or loved one
to hold you accountable. Save your relationship.
As a newlywed I can attest to this. Your
relationship will get in the way of your program
and results. Have a neutral third party hold you
accountable to your program.

2. A Guarantee. Any 'expert' can talk the talk.
Especially if they're talking from behind a TV
screen or page from a magazine. But talking the
talk without walking the walk is weak and callow.

Any program worth trying should have a guarantee.
If not, at least find out who else has been
successful with the program. And I'm not talking
about airbrushed models or celebrity endorsers.
Ask for references and testimonials. Real life,
average Joe's.

Of course my program has both of these components.
I wouldn't stress the importance of them if they
weren't a part of my own program, right?;-)

Reread some of the stats above and ask yourself if
you fall into the majority. Then think about
a year from now. Then think 3 years, and 5 years.
Who do you want to be? How do you want to feel?

If you want to prevent the dissatisfaction that is
so rampant among diet plans and video workouts,
then it's time to give me a call, 314.863.7799, or send me an email. Our program is time-tested and proven. And I can guarantee it.

To your success,

Tim Chudy

P.S. This is your life we're talking about. It's
time to stop the diet nonsense and follow a
program that works...for life.

P.P.S. I'd be happy to give you references of real
live clients. Or you can always visit our website
and check out our success stories.

P.P.P.S My Mini-Poll. Since I'm not one to say losing weight or getting in shape is easy, I'm not going to poll you on what you'd do or give up. So I'll ask you this...
How would you reward yourself (what would you do, where would you go, etc...) when you accomplished your ultimate fitness or weight loss goal? Post your answer in the comment section below.

P.P.P.P.S. Don't be shy! Post your response now. (And I swear that's my last P.S.;-)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

ANOTHER Hollywood Weight Loss Success Secret

My blog post last week was about Drew Carey's 80 pound weight loss. I revealed his fatal flaw to lasting results. Nonetheless, he's doing a lot right.

But this week John Goodman has lost a reported 100 pounds! And he has done it the RIGHT way.

Let's talk about how he did it.

His Turning Point

"It's been constant. It's always been in the back of my mind. It just ate at me the whole time. That may be part of the reason I shoved food in my mouth so much. That satisfaction."

When John got a role in Santa Clause he said enough was enough. But he finally wised up and didn't set the ever-futile New Year's resolution. He hired a trainer and got on a program.

Whether you have a specific turning point or not, you MUST decide enough is enough.

His Nutrition

"I had to clear out my own house first. It was built on a bad foundation."
"...But also fresh vegetables, lean protein... I'm not a real hard-on about keeping strict calorie counts. I know what's in my wheelhouse, what I can eat and what I can't. And I'm satisfied eating it. I cannot tolerate sugar. I crossed over to the diabetic side, but I can't tolerate it anyway because it creates hunger."

Spot on John. First fix the foundation. Get rid of the crap. Now he's getting protein and cutting the sugar. Very important. And if you notice his nutrition is supportive to his exercise.

His Alcohol

"Alcohol is alcohol. I'm an alcoholic. I would drink no matter what. That's just part of being an alcoholic."
"...and the big key was drinking."

Goodman has cut out alcohol completely. The problem with alcohol is not the calories or how many carbs are in your beer. That's marketing hype.

Alcohol inhibits your metabolism. And your metabolism is your body's process for burning the fat. If you want to lose weight and get in shape, cut out the alcohol.

His Identity

This is very important and I probably don't give it as much attention as I should. I've talked to men and women over the years that feel as if their weight helps identify themselves. If your weight helps identify you, i.e. being the 'big cuddly bear' or defines you in any way, then YOU WILL NOT LOSE WEIGHT.

I'm not being a cold s.o.b. here. I'm being honest. How you define yourself will dictate how you think, act and live your life. I identify myself as being a healthy guy. Will I always be healthy? Yeah, I probably will. I may eat a donut from time to time, but I won't let myself become grossly unhealthy. Because that's not how I define myself.

So if you identify yourself with being 'the big guy' or in some other way with your weight; you won't lose it. You might lose some for a period of time, but you WILL gain it back.

So... on weight being apart of his persona and being worried about losing his weight and having people perceive him differently in the acting realm...

"Hey, that's too bad. I'll scream and cry when I'm in the unemployment line, but that's really secondary. I am what I am. I can act at different weights. It's a miracle I was hired at all for a lot of these jobs."

Don't let ANYONE tell you who you are and what you can or can't do. Ever!

His Exercise

All cardio John?

"This time we mixed in strength training with resistance bands. They're great for me because I can contract and release slower, and that builds up better muscle for me."

"I was doing a job in New Orleans twice a week called Treme. I was only working a couple days a week. I wanted to treat this other thing (exercise) like a job--to get healthy."

This speaks to how much he's exercising. I wish more people took their health and fitness as serious as John has.

His Effort

Does he like it?

"I do. I'm still a sucker for highs, and I get those endorphins. It's just a feeling of well-being. I'm where I'm supposed to be. I'm doing what I should be doing. I feel good. I'm hopefully extending my life. Before, I didn't care."

Being fit, firm and strong; able to handle stress or any situation that comes your way; not just looking good, but feeling good... that's when you have it all. That's when life is at it's best!

But I can't adequately describe to you what being fit feels like. That feeling must be experienced.

There are a TON of lessons to be taken from John's weight loss journey. I hope you pick them all up. Of course the 80/20 rule will apply to these lessons.

Many will read this and say, "Well, he's a Hollywood actor, with money, and time, and blah, blah, blah." And those people won't do a thing. They'll stay the same. Stagnant. Inactive. Unchanged.

The other camp will take this as another success story (yes, I have given you others) to model and motivate and make a change in their life. What you do is your decision. But I hope you decide wisely.

To your weight loss success,

Tim Chudy

P.S. You can read his Men's Health interview here.

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