Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A common, rare disease

I know that subject line sounds a little oxy-moronic, but hear me out.

You've probably never heard of Anton's disease. It is a rare condition where a person is unable to accept the fact that they are blind. They make excuses that they can see despite medical evidence telling them they're blind.

For example, when a doctor holds up 3 fingers in front of someone with Anton's disease, their brain will say, "I see 2 fingers." The doctor follows with "Am I wearing glasses?" And they say "No." When in fact he is.

The patient logically knows what the medical evidence shows - that they're blind. But the patient's brain won't acknowledge it and can thus "see".

It's basically a legitimate lie.

Isn't the brain interesting? Somehow the trauma this patient suffered from has left her blind, but the brain refuses to accept it.

That got me thinking. Aren't we all legitimate liars?

When I talk to people that want to lose weight, tone and firm their bodies, increase their energy, and ultimately feel better, I show them exactly how our program achieves those results. This process is based on sound, scientific evidence complete with real life proof. It is a logical solution.

But some people still don't believe. They say (usually to themselves) "That won't work for me because..."

Maybe they lost weight with Atkins and gained it all back. Maybe they bought a Buns of Steal machine back in the day and their buns didn't turn to steel. Or maybe they just had the wrong expectations.

Whatever it was, it has led them to believe it won't work. They are legitimate liars.

I can't argue whatever it was they tried didn't work. So legitimately they can say, "That won't work for me."

But I also can't deny the evidence on our program. Simply put - our 5 step system, complete with coaching, support, and accountability produces weight loss and fitness results. Period.

And the same goes for Anton's disease. They can't argue the medical evidence that they're blind. But their brain won't let them believe it.

Why is that?

Well, I'll leave Anton's disease for the medical experts. (Get to work Paul.;)

But when it comes to weight loss it's usually one of two issues.

1. Whatever they tried in the past didn't work because it was an incomplete solution, i.e. infomercial product, fad diet, "miracle pill" supplement, etc... OR
2. There was no support, accountability, and coaching.

Search as you may any "easy" solution likely won't work. The fact is losing weight and getting in shape is NOT easy.

Stacy just got back from a lot of travel and has been off of the program for awhile. Right now workouts are harder than ever. And she knows it (and hates it). She also knows it's gonna take a massive amount of effort to get back where she was.

If you need to lose 40 pounds, you know full well you didn't gain it overnight. You also know you certainly won't lose it overnight. It takes work.

It is NOT easy. But it is simple.

It's as simple as exercise and nutrition. If you're failing with your weight loss and fitness goals take a look in the mirror and see if you're (legitimately) lying to yourself. Try and find out why.

I'll bet if you do some digging you'll find out some pretty interesting things about yourself.

I'm here if you need some help.

To your fitness success,
Tim Chudy