Monday, January 23, 2012

Contrary to popular belief...

Contrary to popular belief the busiest time of
year for us here at Fitness Together is NOT
January 1st.

That mad New Year rush happens at big box gyms.

Starting today, January 23rd, however, is our
busiest time.


Because once people realize a gym cannot solve
their weight loss and fitness problems they call

It takes 21 days to adopt a new habit. Since
roughly 80% of gym members don't actually use the
gym on a regular basis, they fail.

A gym or health club lacks accountability,
support, and guidance.

When most walk in to the gym they ask themselves,
"Now what?"

So that "solution" quickly fails.

The intent is there. Which is important. But it
lacks structure.

This is when we come in.

Our programs consist of the three core components
to weight loss and fitness results; strength
training, cardiovascular training and nutrition.
But what's more important is the accountability,
support, motivation, education, inspiration, and
customization. That's what really makes it a
successful program.

If you started a New Year's resolution or you're
trying to live a healthier life, we can help.

Download our info-pack and request a complimentary
. You're not making a commitment to us
by doing so. Yet. But you will find out what a
program for YOU will look like and be able to
determine if it's the right fit.

Whether you call me or not, realize you must add
accountability, support, and structure to your
program if you want results. Joining a gym or
buying a fitness DVD will not solve your problems.

I hope we get the chance to help you.


Tim Chudy
Fitness Together
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P.S. Great games yesterday. I'm pulling for Eli's
second Super Bowl win!

P.P.S. There's no risk and no obligation to your
consultation. All I ask is you investigate, then decide.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

10 Weight Loss Strategies That Work

Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh and
the University of Colorado set out to determine
what lifestyle changes were needed to lose weight
AND keep it off. They began an on-going study
called the National Weight Control Registry(

This registry does not list all of their test
subjects. In order to make it you had to lose over
30 pounds AND keep it off for a year. So they did
a good job qualifying success.

What they found was intersting.

And the numbers they compiled don't lie.

The findings are listed into 10 lifestyle changes.

Here are the 10 habits of these successful weight

1. 98 percent of registry participants reported
that they modified their food intake in some way
to lose weight
. Ok, kinda obvious. But you must
change your eating habits in some way (i.e. fewer
calories) to lose weight.

2. Most registry members reported consuming less
high-fat dense food groups and more low-fat dense
food groups
resulting in a lower daily calorie
intake and greater weight loss. Eat lighter and
cleaner. Stay away from fried, high fat foods and
eat more fresh fruits and veggies.

3. 94 percent of registry participants reported
increasing their physical activity. Again, kinda
obvious. More out, less in.

4. 90 percent reported exercising, on average,
about one hour per day
. Note the difference of
activity and exercise. Yesterday a client ran 1
mile and also played in a basketball game. She
asked if the game counted for cardio. I said no.
Walking your kids around the block, golfing and
gardening are all activity. But exercise is
strength and cardio training. There IS a

5. 78 percent reported eating breakfast daily.
I'll venture to say they didn't eat donuts.

6. 75 percent of registry participants reported
weighing themselves at least once a week. The
interval can and should vary, but measurment of
progress is essential. It helps you stay
accountable and also provides motivation, which fuels your efforts.

7. 62 percent watched TV less than 10 hours/week.
More TV means a more sedentary lifestyle. Do you
know how much TV you watch? Try tracking it. I bet
you'd be surprised.

8. 42% of the sample reported that maintaining
their weight loss was less difficult than losing
. This is VERY IMPORTANT. Because I see this
mistake all the time.

In the beginning, when you're trying to lose
weight, you CANNOT afford to cheat. You MUST
remain committed to your program and keep the 'dial turned up'. Then, once you've reached your goal you can afford to cheat here and there. If you start to backslide you simply 'turn the dial back up.'

9. Nearly all registry members stated that weight
loss led to improvements in their level of energy,
physical mobility, general mood, self-confidence,
and physical health
. I won't begin to list the
benefits of losing weight and getting in shape. You're smart, and I'm sure you know there are TONS of them. Life is better when you look good and feel good about yourself.

10. For those who did regain weight, weight regain
was due, at least in part, to failure to maintain
behavior changes
. This clearly tells us "diets"
don't work. If you don't continue to pay attention
to your health and fitness you will backslide.

There's a lot of wisdom in these 10 strategies.

In the book Switch by Dan and Chip Heath, they
discuss how one guy solved a major
malnutrition problem in Vietnam back in the 90s. He did so by looking at the "bright spots" of other villages without the problem.

He didn't try to solve all of the other underlying problems; poor sanitation, rampant poverty, ignorance to nutrition, etc... He looked to the villages that did not have any malnourishment problems and followed their success.

You can learn a lot by finding the "bright spots"
and then implement them in your own life.

Stop trying to find more time - you'll never have it. Stop trying to set aside enough money - you'll never have it. Stop trying to fix other problems and issues. Make a few changes that other successful people have done and lose the weight.

In addition to the weight loss registry mentioned
above our very own Fitness Together clients, maybe
some of them your neighbors, are another place to
find bright spots.

Jan just joined the FT family and starts her training program tomorrow. She said her friend of the same age lost a lot of weight last year. "And if she can do it, by golly I can do it!"

Sometimes we need to see the possiblities. We need
the motivation and inspiration of others that have
gone before us.

I hope the findings from 5,000 successful weight loss subjects and that of your very own neighbors motivates you to create change in your own life.

To your weight loss success,

Tim Chudy

P.S. So maybe you didn't start fresh on January 1st. Big deal. It's never too late to get started. Jan, whom I mentioned earlier consulted with me 2 years ago! And she's just now starting. It's your time. Schedule your consultation now.