Friday, March 4, 2011

Fitness Comes In All Forms

Last year we had our very own FT Team Bodybuilding and Figure Champs. This year, one of our team members has taken it to another level.

Barb Honchak, who was also mentioned in that post, is a professional MMA fighter and was recently ranked 9th in the world. Yes, you read correctly... 9th in the world!!!

Barb aka 'The Little Warrior' is a top ranked fighter. I've never seen Barb fight live, but I know she's a disciplined, committed, and strategic fighter. There's no surprise she's world ranked with those qualities.

When it comes to her workouts and the fitness of our FT clients, her passion drips off every rep she calls out. She trains clients with the same qualitites she fights with. And our clients love it!

Some of you may not be familiar with mma. It stands for mixed martial arts. Boxing, kickboxing, jiu-jitsu, muy thai... basically any and all forms of martial arts.

But don't be alarmed, this isn't some basement type brawl. It's a very popular sport that's gaining more and more attention. And Barb is responsible for that.

Barb is fighting next week in St. Charles. The fight is next Saturday night(3/11) at the St. Charles Banquet Center. Fights start at 6:30pm and Barb is fighting second to last. If you've ever been interested in mma this is the chance to see it for yourself. You can get more info by going to: or calling 314.267.2204.

You can wish Barb good luck by posting a comment below!

Talk soon,